Dear Guest, I am so glad that you have taken time off your busy schedule to visit our website. Youth Ambassadors for Christ Association commonly known as YAFCA.
YAFCA presents an opportunity for the youth to develop themselves in areas of Biblical studies and christian life development  -  discipleship and effective evangelism.
I am sure you will find our website resourceful and engaging. God bless you, real good. Yours in His Majesty's Service, Rev. Dr. John Owusu - Afriyie
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YES- 2014!
The annual Christian discipleship program dubbed ‘Youth Evangelism School’ was successful. The 40th edition of YES-2014 brought together the teens, young adults, and elderly from ...[ Details]

Hundreds of young people and young adults converged at the Accra Academy School Park to participate in the annual and 11th edition of the National Youth Rally. Present were, Mr....[ Details]


YAFCA is 45! On Sunday 13th April, the youth ambassadors for Christ association marked 45 yeas of fulfilling the great commission. Although there should have been a celebrat...[ Details]

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The uncertainty of consuming wholesome food crops or Genetically Made (GM) food crops has been an issue most Ghanaians are grappling with...[ Read On]

Choose The People God Has Chosen

Just as a river can't rise higher than its source, no enterprise can rise higher than its leadership. When it was time to build the taber...[ Read On]

Letting Go

One day Mr. Dog went to a Juju man to help him stop stealing. The juju man directed Mr. Dog to buy a pound of meat, boil it and bring it...[ Read On]